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LenSx® Laser Cataract Surgery San DiegoStaying abreast of technological advances in refractive cataract surgery has and always will be essential to the success of Alvarado Eye Associates. Our latest technology continues this tradition by tailoring cataract surgery and astigmatism treatment to the individual patient to ensure the best possible outcome. Dr. Cook recently invested in an innovative piece of new technology to help us further customize cataract treatment and improve upon our already excellent results: the LenSx® laser. We now perform LenSx® laser cataract surgery to enhance the vision of our San Diego patients, who struggle with cloudy or blurred vision. Dr. Cook is one of only a few eye surgeons in the entire country certified to use this incredible tool, so contact us today at our Coronado or La Mesa offices to learn more about the bladeless alternative to traditional cataract surgery and astigmatism treatment.

What is LenSx®?

Developed by Alcon and cleared for safety by the Food and Drug Administration, LenSx® is a femtosecond laser, designed to plan and perform three of the five critical portions of cataract surgery with simultaneous astigmatism reduction. During traditional cataract surgery, a metal scalpel is used to make incisions in the cornea, and then an ultrasonic instrument is used to break up and remove the clouded lens before it is replaced with an artificial lens. The manual nature of traditional cataract surgery incisions leaves a small window for case-to-case variability from an exact execution of the incisions; LenSx® decreases this possibility. Because of its computer-controlled capabilities, LenSx® both customizes the surgery to the patient’s ocular anatomy and improves the precision of key steps of refractive cataract surgery leading to greater patient satisfaction with their vision as well as increased safety and comfort.

If you are struggling with cataracts and astigmatism and want to experience clear, crisp vision for near, far, or both distances, contact us today to learn more about how LenSx® laser cataract surgery can help.

Benefits of the LenSx® Laser

Some of the benefits of LenSx® laser cataract surgery include:

A customized solution. Every eye differs in its size, depth, thickness and curvature of its cornea, and other dimensions, so precise measurements and mapping are critical during the planning stages of the surgery.

The LenSx® platform uses a suite of sophisticated technologies such as integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) to gather these measurements by creating detailed digital images of your eyes.  These images allow Dr. Cook to plan and perform cataract surgery with unprecedented precision and a level of customization not possible with manual cataract surgery.

Increased accuracy and precision .  The design of the LenSx® laser makes the execution of the corneal incisions more accurate than those of the handheld blade.  Also, the delivery of real-time images during the procedure gives Dr. Cook unparalleled control.

Enhanced patient comfort and safety .  The inclusion of the LenSx® laser platform enhances the patient experience in terms of both comfort and safety.

It can be used with premium IOLs .  After the LenSx® laser has helped create all the required incisions, a premium intraocular lens such as a ReSTOR, Tecnis Multifocal, AcrySof® Toric, or Crystalens can be placed.  The placement of a premium IOL typically decreases a patient’s dependence on glasses or contact lenses.  Because of the LenSx® laser’s ability to decrease or eliminate astigmatism, the results of these fantastic new lenses are even better.

Improved chances to see better fast .  As more eye surgeons begin offering LenSx® laser cataract surgery thousands of patients will have the opportunity to attain better, uncorrected vision without the interference of cataracts.

Who is a candidate for LenSx® laser cataract surgery?

According to Dr. Cook, anyone who suffers from cataracts-clouding of the eyes lens that prevents light from properly focusing on the retina - is eligible for LenSx® laser cataract surgery.  An individual with cataracts may:

  • Experience blurred vision.
  • See bright colors become dull.
  • Have difficulty seeing at night.
  • Describe his/her vision as cloudy or similar to looking at something through a film.
  • Be unable to read or perform simple tasks even while wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Contact Dr. Glenn Cook Today

If you are interested in LenSx® laser cataract surgery, contact Dr. Glenn Cook, serving all San Diego from his Coronado and La Mesa offices.  Dr. Cook is one of the first San Diego eye surgeons to use this revolutionary piece of technology. Take the first step towards better vision and schedule a consultation today.

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